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  • 56th Azadari Program

    Program From 22 Oct 2019 Tuesday to 25 Oct 2019 Friday

    Contact Detail - Anzuman-e-aza-e-Hussain

    Office: 02742242362
    Hussain Tekari: 02742242962
    Precident: 9725058998/9925310786
    Secretory: 9825290043
    Tent Inquery: 9898084520 (ID proof required for booking)
    Free Vehicel Service: 8866868996

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  • Karbala-e-Hind (Dron Video)

  • Muharram 2019 Program

    Majlis-e-Aza Muhaaram 1441

    Speaker: Maulana AliAsgar Karbalai

    Time: 9:00 PM


  • Visit Kanodar 2017

    Video about places around Kanodar, Gujarat, India Including Visit Jama Masjid, Old Masjid, Imam Barghah, Ja'fari Hall, Kanodar Kabrastan (Graveyard), Hussain Tekari and Abbas Tekari, Schools, Hospitals and other Public places