About Us

Asalamun alaykum , All Momin and Momenat

Holy Prohet(saw) said :- "One who dies without recognising the Imam(as) of his time, will die the death of Ignorance."

We the followers of Masoomen(a.s.) were pagans century ago and salute to our forefathers who acted on the above tradition and showed us the true light of guidance by then establisihing Shia Ithna Ashari Momin Jamaat - Kanodar.

To show our love and solidarity with Ahle Bait (a.s.) we have Shabeeh of three Rauza's in our village Kanodar situated near Palanpur taluka, Banaskanta District-Gujarat.

The three Rauza's were constructed at Hussain Tekri - Kanodar of the great matyrs of Karbala due to which Islam is still alive i.e.
1.) Our third Imam-e-Mazloom - Hussain(a.s.),
2.) The flag bearer of Karbala Hazrat Abul Fazlil Abbas(as.) and
3.) Janab-e-Zainab(sa) :- Ummul Masaeb who esablished the tradition of Majalis.

Thus, keeping in view the sacrifice of the beloved masoomeen, Anjuman-e-Aza-e-Hussain(a.s.) was formed to commerate the sacrifice of Karbala and show solidarity to Ahle Bait(as) and especially to Janab-e-Zehra(sa).

A full fledged four days programme are held after Chehlum every year at Hussain Tekri after Chehlum of Imam Hussain(as).

The tomb of Imam-e-Hussain(as) similar to that of Karbala has been inaugurated on 23rd. Safar 1434 A.H. (6th. Jan 2013) further showing our love to Imam of our time Imam-e-Mahdi(atfs).

We also have Madresa to teach children of our village the traditions and teachings of Masomeen(as).

In the present world of technology, we have launched this website to spread the word of Islam to the world and especially to Momin brothers and sisters of our village. We have launched streaming facility for all those who are away from village and to be part of the programmes held in village, especially the four day Chehlum programme for which community members across the world come to village and pay homage to Ahle Bait(as).

The webiste www.jafferykanodar.com also has majalis of different Aalims and Zakirs and has Nauhas and Marsiyas recited by different famous poets across the world.

We pray to Allah(ta) that help us continue to serve the Imam of our time(atfs) that pleases him and pray that he gives us strength to keep our hearts united to work for Imam-e-Asr(atfs) and include us among those who are escribed for the tradition of Holy Masomeen(as).

"One who dies with the love of Ahle Bait(as), dies the death of martyr."